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PE, Ball-joint head

128.44 €
Model: 618938
Expected delivery: June 16, 2021
Availability: In Stock
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The ball-joint head can be used in case of cast bridges. It is equipped with a sampling head part that is necessary for the preparation of the mold, which is then surrounded with sampling material, resulting in the tooth's geometrical shape. It is expediently designed so that the castable sampling head can turn on the spherical surface, and can be fixed to the implant with a torx socket screw between 0-30°. It is a combined head, where the part connected to the implant is made out of a Co-Cr material. During the casting process, the material is poured and melted onto the Co-Cr metal base embedded inside the mold.

The image is an illustration, the colour and geometry of the final product depends on the set parameters.

Included in the package:

  • medical pct head screw
  • castable plastic head part for a ball-joint head

Additional fee is charged in case of a unique sulcus. Indicate the needed sulcus size in the order note.


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