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Extra services of BIONIKA

We want to make the work of our partners easier, so we provide them with the following extra services

Manufacture of custom superstructures


BIONIKA knows that there are cases where well-used standard solutions are not appropriate. We are not the same, there may be different needs. Therefore, we decided to undertake the production of custom superstructures for our existing partners with a short lead time. Our goal is to provide you with the perfect product, therefore achieving a professional and perfect end result.





Professional support 



During our nearly 30-year career, our clients have approached us with a number of extraordinary cases. We can say that in each case we were able to provide a solution to the partners asking for help. Since our establishment, our company has developed a knowledge base that guarantees that we can help you with any problems!





Milling centre


Our company produces the products with the most advanced machines. We also have the ability to produce milled jobs as we have a complete milling center. This allows us to make the frame of the ordered denture from the desired material based on the sample you send. All this saves you time and money!