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D 2,9 Hybrid mini Multi-unit head Implant

84.98 €
Model: 533785
Manufacturer article number: 620.001.290
Expected delivery: February 01, 2022
Availability: In Stock
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The HYBRID mini implants can be used in case of a thin bone structure and with an average hardness . This is an advantageous choice for an implantation without bone augmentation. The geometry of the HYBRID implant: 1. Brönemark type head part with a hexagonal cross section and with an inner cone and screw thread. 2. Micro thread structure with a four sectioned cortical cord thread. 3. A body part with a two sectioned normal cord thread, for the attenuation of dynamic forces. 4. Cycloid thread structure, giving primary stability with an increased contour and thread depth, with a self-cutting edge and with a rotation inhibitor groove. According to the natural analogy, each element of the screw thread has a radial design and their cross section is always changing. The diameter of the mark 3 cord-threaded screw section is "k" smaller in diameter than the "m" thread design of the apical part, supplied with a sharper cycloid thread and applied to ensure the primary stability.


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