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Titanium membrane

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3D Builder titanium mesh – A new generation of titanium membranes in bone augmentation

It is often necessary to replace the thinned bone before implantation. One of the most effective methods for bone grafting is to use titanium membrane. The 3D Builder titanium membrane by BIONIKA is available in 4 different geometrical forms. We developed the membranes in a way that their physical properties fit the most common cases of bone grafting and the surgical techniques as perfect as possible.

Main characteristics: 

● strong, yet easily bendable material 
● customized, pre-formed shape
● exceptional biocompatibility
● simple fixation with the implant locking screw




The application of 3D Builder

3D Builder

3D Builder plates are available in four types of shapes (A, B, C and D shapes). 3D Builder pre-formed shape in order to facilitate the utilization.

The 3D Builder can be easily fixed with the implant locking screw.

The BIONIKA 3D Builder titanium mesh was developed with the professional advice of Dr. Áron Becsky.  
The opinion of a professional – About the utilization of Bionika 3D Builder titanium membrane that can be fixed with the implant locking screw

"We are often obliged to make bone grafting when we are working with enosseal implants. If bone grafting becomes necessary because the processus alveolaris is not wide enough to keep in the implant, we are talking about lateral augmentation. If the bone volumes are sufficient to provide adequate primer stability but the side of the implant – generally the vestibular side – is not covered by bone, the uncovered titanium surface must be covered with autologous or alloplastic bone substitutes.

From the perspective of its restoration – regarding both the restoration time and the bone consistency – this way of augmentation replacement brings the best result as an alternative to the use of the own spongiosa shavings, alloplastic titan, and alloplastic-autologous substance mixtures. However, it has the disadvantage compared to the other two that during the healing period (3 months) the completely own bone augmentation may lose a significant amount from its volume, therefore the originally crestally implanted and augmented implant may become relatively supracrestal.

The previously used titanium membranes were unable to overcharge the augment without the support of separate intermediaaries and extra subparts, therefore they were not suitable for the compensation of the volume involution. This deficiency is eliminated by the Bionika 3D Builder, which enables the „ too augmentation” of the implant to become relative subcrestal. In the case of implanting clear autologous spongy sliver the implant is positioned to the crestal after the osseointegrational period and removing the titanium plate.

Based on my experience, the recent situation of technology, I consider this the best solution and I recommend to every implantologist the daily practical utilization of 3D Builder titanium membrane that is produced by Bionika Medline Kft. and that can be fixed also with locking screw of the implant; with the bone implantation at the same time.“

Debrecen, 2017.05.10.

Dr. Becsky Áron
dentist and dental surgeon,
conservative dental and prosthetic specialist dentoalveolar surgeon,
active member of MAFIT

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