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Bone augmentation instruments

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The succesful bone grafting procedure starts with the use of proper devices.

The BIONIKA Membrane Fixation Kit is manufactured to stabilize and fixate Membranes and Titanium meshes to soft tissues.

The Membrane Fixation Kit contains an autoclavable storage tray, one curved and one straight neck Placement Instrument, one curved and one straight neck Fixation Handle and a tack case with 15 Membrane tacks. With the help of the curved Fixation Handle you can easily reach the back parts of the denture.

In the circular tack case you can find the Membrane tacks which will hold the membranes and titanium meshes. The tack case has been shaped that the membrane tacks can latch on to the top of the fixation handles and they can hold it stable until it put into the surgical site. The tack case contains 15 pieces of membrane tacks.

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