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CORTILOG PCL, D 3,3 Implant

92.46 €
Model: 618153
Manufacturer article number: 519.009
Expected delivery: June 15, 2021
Availability: In Stock
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Diameter selection:


The Cortilog PCL implant system incorporates five implants of different diameters. Each diameter implants are available in six different lengths to find the appropriate solution for every situation. The implant with a ∅3.3 diameter is perfectly suitable for the long term retention of denture in thinner than average bone sturctures. The ∅3.8  and ∅4.3 diameters are for average bone structures, while the use of implants with a ∅5.0 and ∅6.0 diameters are more advantageous in a larger bone stock. In case of a low bone height, the Cortilog PCL SHORT can provide a proper solution even without bone replacement, in a 6 and 7 mm implantation heights.

Included in the package:

  • Locking screw


átmérő választék (mm) Ø3,3/Ø3,8/Ø4,3/Ø5,0/Ø6,0
hossz választék (mm) 9/11/13/16
Típus normál/short


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