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Cortilog small instrument kit

1,806.58 €
Model: 619280
Expected delivery: June 18, 2021
Availability: In Stock


Cortilog Small Instrument kit 

Our instrument kits consist of the inevitable instruments fordental implantation. The instrument kit consists of 21 instruments all together. The instrument trays are built up according to the surgical technique order, labelling and arrowing make their use easier.

The content of the CORTILOG small instrument kit

Product Description Art.-No.
1 x BIONIKA, Implant driver. mechanical Ø3,90 x L10,00 mm 630.553.390.100
1 x BIONIKA, Spear-pointed dril Ø2,33 x L15,00 mm 700.095.233.150
1 x BIONIKA, Universal spiral drill Ø2,00 x L16,00 mm 700.140.200.160
1 x BIONIKA, Universal spiral drill Ø2,50 x L16,00 mm 700.140.250.160
2 x BIONIKA, Universal spiral drill Ø2,80 x L16,00 mm 700.140.280.160
1 x BIONIKA, Universal spiral drill Ø3,20 x L16,00 mm 700.140.320.160
1 x BIONIKA, Universal spiral drill Ø3,70 x L16,00 mm 700.140.370.160
1 x BIONIKA, Universal spiral drill Ø4,20 x L16,00 mm 700.140.420.160
1 x BIONIKA, Universal spiral drill Ø4,70 x L16,00 mm 700.140.470.160
1 x BIONIKA, Implant driver, mechanical, triangular Ø5,50 x L10,00 mm 700.251.550.100
1 x BIONIKA, Head wrench, mechanical 6Lt1,27 x L10,00 mm 700.262.127.100
1 x BIONIKA, Gingiva punch Ø4,00 x L24,50 mm 700.310.400.150
1 x BIONIKA, Implant driver 6Lt1,27 x L10,00 mm 700.500.127.100
1 x BIONIKA, Multi-unit/Ball head key 6Lt2,70 x L5,50 mm 700.550.270.055
1 x BIONIKA, Multi-unit head wrench, threaded shank M1,60 x L5,50 mm 700.560.160.055
1 x BIONIKA, Locator key Ø2,15 x L10,00 mm 700.570.215.100
1 x BIONIKA, Implant driver, triangular Ø5,50 x L5,00 mm 700.672.550.050
2 x BIONIKA, Indicators, 2 mm, 2,8 mm Ø3,50 x L22,00 mm 700.700.350.220
1 x BIONIKA, Ratchet torque wrench, 35Ncm 6Lt6,00 x L87,00 mm 700.740.600.870

Catalog and manual


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