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BIOPOZ Registry duo set for multi-unit level

1,097.43 €
Model: 617690
Manufacturer article number: 799.020
Expected delivery: February 01, 2022
Availability: In Stock
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BIOPOZ Registry duo set for normal and extra size mouth, multi-unit level.

The set contains:

  • Drawing pin with support pin small 12mm
  • Drawing pin with support pin large 16mm
  • Solid Recording plate small
  • Solid Recording plate large
  • Positioning plastic sheet (2pcs)
  • Drilled Record plate, small
  • Drilled Record plate, large
  • Recording screw (2pcs)
  • Registry fork, small
  • Registry fork, large
  • Magnetic cap, titanium (10pcs)
  • Magnetic bite registration  head, screwable, multi-unit level (10pcs)



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