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AC, D 5,0 Implant

110.96 €
Model: 504665
Manufacturer article number: 520.009.330
Expected delivery: June 15, 2021
Availability: In Stock
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The (AC) Implant System was designed in a way that a surgery or prosthetics can be performed with the instruments of most other implant systems. Generally, only the implant driver and screwdriver needs replacement if there is a deviation, so there is no need for the user to invest in more expensive equipment. If the instruments mentioned earlier still needs to be replaced, then BIONIKA lends or gifts these for the implantation. The fixation of the implant and its head is similar to solutions used by other implant brands: cone and hex connection. The size of the screwdriver: Torx 1.6. The outer thread structure of the implant is the exact same as the design used in the BIONIKA manufactured Cortical system: Epsilon type radial spongiosa thread and a radial micro thread structure on the cortical bone section, with osseo-integrational biospiral grooves. It is recommended to insert the implant 0.5-1 mm below the cortical bone to achieve greater stability. In this case, it is mostly recommended to use the platform-switching (P-S) type abutments. The surface structure of the implant is more than 25 years old, it is a tried and tested, most reliable "super clean" surface structure. The manufacturer offers a 10 year warranty for rejection caused by osseo-integration deficiency, which has less than 1% long-term occurrence at BIONIKA. Assuming the risk of osseo-integration, within a year of purchase, the manufacturer replaces the implants that have not gone through osseo-integration without conducting warranty inspections. In unique cases, BIONIKA undertakes the manufacturing of unique implants and abutments with a short lead time.


Optional length (mm) 8,5/10/11,5/13/15/18


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